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Adobe Photoshop for Photographers
Course overview

Enhancing Digital Photography with Photoshop is a theory and practical course design for professional photographers and enthusiasts who want to get professional results.
This course covers all the essential techniques a digital photographer needs to master in order to take advantages of photoshop`s possibilities. This course will teach you every thing from the key elements to advanced tools of the application demonstrating how to apply them for the best photographic results in print or online, Some of the essential topics coverd in this course are:

What is Photoshop?, digital image fundamentals, structure of digital image, digital colour theory, computer colour management, imag editing essentials, basic and advanced colour corrections and colour adjustments, photo retouching and restora-tion, creative photo effects, essential filters for photo editing, corrercting perspective and panorama with photo merge, introducing Camera Raw and Camera raw image processing etc.

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